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Dog food coupons and my trip to Petco

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A few weekends ago I took my Daughter to Petco as an outing. Yes, the usual morning activity of searching the Internet for dog food coupons had to be put on hold because wanted to have some fun. Petco is fun? When you are 4, pretty much anywhere there are lots of animals is fun. So we went there to just check things out. Not sure what we would find. I was hoping that I could also grab the weekly circular and nab a few choice dog food coupons for the web site followers as well. So, we get there and there was a dog training class going on. They had all sorts of different dogs in the class. Big dogs. Little dogs. Loud dogs. Calm dogs. Old dogs. Young dogs. My daughter was just fascinated by all this. I think it is because she recently started school herself. So to see that dogs also go to school pretty much blew her mind. I mean, how is it that she had a teacher just like the dogs had a teacher? And they had rules and classes just like she did. I’m serious, she just did not want to leave. She wanted to see how this was going to play out and watched for like 45 minutes. While she was engaged in this dog training class, I wondered around looking for the coupons. I did find a paper insert with some dog food coupons, but nothing that significant. I guess they already price things so low that they don’t need to run huge specials. They are just such a big box store. I can’t imagine the volume of dog food, cat food, fish food, etc that they must buy. Entire ships full (assuming it comes from overseas).

Dog food comparison

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It’s important to do a dog food comparison as you are shopping around and thinking about dog food coupons. Not all foods are the same. So you might find a great coupon for one brand, but if you do the dog food comparison research you should, you might find out why it is so inexpensive. I’m not saying that our pets need the same level of health care as humans. In fact, it’s sad that many dogs are getting better care than many poor people in this country. This is just not right. But back on topic, I did want to write a quick little note about how important it is to do a dog food comparison. Both for price reasons and for quality reasons. Here is a quick chart with some info for you:
Brand Human Grade?
Bil-Jac Select No
Eukenuba Adult No
Flint River Ranch Yes
Flint River Ranch Lamb/Millet/Rice Yes
Iams Adult No
Kibbles ‘N Bits No
Nutro Max No
Pedigree No
Proplan Adult No
Purina Beneful No
Purina Dog Chow No
Purina One Chicken and Rice No
Science Diet Natures Best Chicken No
Science Diet Original No
Hope this helps. book