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Natural Dog Food- What Your Canine Needs

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Dogs have been man’s best friend since they evolved from the wolves millions of years ago. Since then this canine variety has developed itself into a variety of different forms such as Cocker spaniel, Pit bull, Russian and Doberman. Different types for different people. Whether you hate them or love them, dogs are here to stay. The dog lovers are always trying their best to find the best of the ways whereby they could provide the best and natural most food to their beloved pets. However there is the rub: considering the canine sensitivity to the human food the pet owners are in a quandary. They do not have the required knowledge of the natural dog food ingredients that are required to produce the natural dog food. In the following lines we shall be telling them a few tips that would enable them to prepare the natural dog food for their pets.

To begin with, every natural dog food has meat as its basic ingredient. Keep this fact in mind that you have to select the fresh meat from the butcher for your dog. It would be a lot better for you if you could use lean beef, beef liver or the stewing beef. There should not be too much onus on the meat so far as the natural dog food is concerned. In natural dog food you have to select the vegetables on and off too. For your dog the best vegetables include pumpkin, squash, cucumber and carrots. These vegetables will not only provide much needed nutrients for your dog but will also be an attractive dietary variation for your much beloved canine.

As always try to select the freshest vegetables for your dog. You must be careful in avoiding the vegetables such as beans, peas and the spinach as these vegetables may cause digestive problems. But before you do all this you have to determine what the need of your dog is. You can easily do it by multiplying his total body weight with 0.4. The resulting number will correspond to the total number of ounces your dog requires per day.

Although you can serve all the above mentioned ingredients without cooking to your dog but some people prefer to give the cooked food to the dogs. So if you are inclined to give the cooked natural dog food to your pet then cook it slightly and not thoroughly. This is done to ensure that the natural dog food remains juicy and tender. This will not look tastier for your dog but will also save a lot of nutrients as cooking the food can kill a lot of nutrients.

Using Online Free Dog Food Coupons

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Pet owners who want to give the canine member of their family the best available dog food may have trouble fitting high quality food products into their budget. Dogs require not only high quality nutrition packed food but also food that is tasty and appetizing. Recognizing the problems faced by pet owners in difficult economic times dog food manufacturers offer discounts by publishing periodic free dog food coupons on the internet.
Finding online free dog food coupons is easy and convenient. These free dog food coupons are constantly available on the website of the dog food manufacturer pet food and pet related website and websites that focus on listing discount coupons. Free dog food coupons on the internet are printable and can be redeemed at groceries pet stores and at the clinics of some veterinarians. The coupons offer a good discount on dry and wet dog food and dog snacks. Pet owners can find free dog food coupons and redeem them for suitable food products for dogs of all ages and breeds.
The other method of using online free dog food coupons is by shopping online and getting dog food products delivered at the door. All coupons for online shopping are free. They contain a code that the pet owner needs to enter before checking out to get the discount on the dog food product while shopping online. Sometimes the coupon offers the added benefit of free shipping and the pet owner can get the double convenience of low cost yet high quality dog food delivered to their door at no cost.
Before using online free dog food coupons one must ensure that the coupon is a valid one and the last date to redeem the coupon is not past. Some dog food manufacturers and coupon websites offer a notification service and notify by email or through a message on the mobile phone of a pet owner to ensure that customers do not miss out on discounts. Free dog food coupons help pet owners get the beat available food products for the canine member of the family without burning a hole in the budget.