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  • More dog stuff

    We are considering a family dog as we move to a smaller city. We anticipate having a bigger yard for our dog to run in. We currently live in a very large city with limited space. And even more important, we have limited time to spend with the dog. But we are anticipating a slower […]

  • info on dog grooming

    There is a ton of info on dog grooming online. You just need to know where to find it when you search. If you run more generic dog related searches, you will not find as good information as you do when you search on specific dog related items. The search on dog food coupons, for […]

  • Science diet dog food coupons

    We are trying to bring up a list of science diet dog food coupons for you people. I know from Google that there are people out there searching for them. We also know from the economy that these are really hard times. You need to do everything you can to save money. We went to […]

  • Wellness dry dog food

    This is the page for wellness dry dog food. We don’t yet have any coupons, but are looking. We have found other healthy and wellness foods for dogs, but not any savings yet. If you have any wellness dry dog food tips for us, please let us know and we’ll post them to the community. […]

  • Natural choice dog food

    This is a resource for natural choice dog food. We are planning to expand into this space and needed to put up a page for it. We are hoping to bring you coupons and other ways to save on natural choice dog food here. Sorry that we don’t have that yet available, but we ask […]

  • Best dog food

    What is the best dog food? People ask that all the time. Well, the answer is really “it depends.” I know, don’t you hate that answer? I know I do. But when you ask about the best dog food, you have to qualify what you are asking about. Do you mean, best dog food for […]

  • Dog food ratings

    As we all think about what we feed our dogs, the question of dog food ratings comes up again and again. our main thing here is dog food coupons. But it’s natural to question the quality of the food as you think about savings. And we all want to know how things stack up for […]

  • Dogs best friend and dog training

    Pets are an amazing thing. I have only ever owned one dog, and as always he became a very good friend of mine. It is really odd how you bond with your dog. They really have personalities. Sure, dogs are dirty and can be a pain, but they are also company when you are lonely […]