Dog Food Can Break the Bank But It Does Not Have To

Rachel ray dog food coupons

When is the last time you found a Science Diet dog food coupon? Or any dog food coupon, for that matter? You just may not know where to look. There is always at least one brand of dog food coupon floating around out there, if not three or more. You just need to know where to look, and be resourceful when it comes to your dog food coupons. They are out there, just waiting for you to save.

  • How?
  • For something like a Science Diet dog food coupon, or any of the standard, common brand names, the first step should always be in the Sunday newspaper. When you are clipping coupons for Pop Tarts and Tater Tots, do not forget to clip any and all dog food coupons that you find as well.

    If you happen to run out before the next coupons are printed, you can always go online. Each individual brand has coupons on their own website. And while they may not be readily available every week, between all of the brands you are bound to find something every time you look.

    And, the most bizarre place to find dog food coupons, you can actually find people selling them in bundles on ebay. Just search for the brand name and the word “coupon” and you are most likely able to find at least one bunch for what you are looking for.

  • Types of Foods
  • As mentioned earlier, of course you can find Science Diet dog food coupons. But you can find any of the other big, brand names as well, such as Pedigree dog food coupons or Purina dog food coupons. Again, as long as you know where to look, you will most likely be able to find a coupon for any of the foods that you buy.

    But, if your dog is a finicky eater, or has food allergies, the standard brand name may not cut it. If you need to get the more expensive, more natural, healthier dog food alternatives, then you may not be able to find any coupons at all. For some reason the more expensive foods do not have coupons regularly. That is when you need to get creative.

  • Other Savings
  • So your dog’s favorite food does not offer printable dog food coupons. No problem. Some of the fancier foods will offer some form of frequent buyer program as a thanks for purchasing their product. Each brand is different, so be sure to check out your brand’s specific site. But the setup is usually that you log into the site and input the UPC code from the bag of food. From there your earn points to purchase products with, or you rack up purchases until you earn yourself a free bag of food.

You should never be buying a bag of dog food at full price. There are enough coupons and other money saving opportunities out there that you can go every week buying a bag on discount. If you have heretofore been buying at full price, I hope you have learned your lesson. Now you know what to do and where to go to save yourself money when buying food for your pup.