Finding the Right Portion Size for Your Dog

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Given the choice between a healthy portion of dog food and an unattended hamburger, a dog will always go for… well, probably both. Dogs love to eat, and if it’s within reach and smells good, chances are it will disappear quickly. And until a dog is so full that it can’t walk straight, it will probably keep eating.

All dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves are animals that hunt in packs. However, the pack doesn’t make a kill every single day. In fact, some packs will spend several days simply tracking prey, and even a few more days harassing the prey into a frenzied state, before they sense the perfect opportunity to move in. When a pack of wolves does finally bring down its prey, all the animals present gorge themselves, in preparation for the long bout of foodlessness between kills.

We’ve done a good job of domesticating dogs, but many of the habits and evolutionary traits of wolves are still present. Gorging is one of them. If a dog has the opportunity, it will eat just about everything that smells delicious, until it physically can’t eat anymore.

So what does this mean to dog owners? It means that your dog’s health is in your hands. Or rather, in your measuring cup.

The quality of your dog food is important, of course. But the portion sizes you feed your dog may be even more important. Every bag of dog food you buy should have recommended portions for your dog based on optimum breed weight and activity level. Stick to these portion sizes. They have been scientifically formulated to provide your dog with the right amount of nutrients and calories. The occasional snack or training treat is fine, but don’t go overboard.

Looking for the perfect food for your furry friend? Check out the websites of various brands to see if they will send you dog food samples. On the sites of many major brands like Purina dog food coupons are readily available and easily downloaded. Realize, too, that by strictly controlling your dog’s portion size, you might not be buying food as often as you used to, so you can stretch those Purina dog food coupons even further.