What Coupons Can Tell You About a Company

Dog food ingredients

You care about your dog’s health and nutrition probably more than anyone, including your dog (face it, they’d eat horribly unhealthy yet delicious things if you weren’t there). But it may surprise you to know that large dog food companies, like Purina and Pedigree, actually care about the health of your dog too, and not just about making a profit.

A quick glance at the variety of dog food coupons Purina and Pedigree offer on their websites is pretty strong evidence that they want your business, but the surprising number of free dog food samples large companies are willing to send is evidence of their confidence that their product is one that not only your dog will like, but that you will approve of as well.

Free sampling is normally a tactic reserved for small businesses, or very new businesses, anyone who can’t rely on brand awareness to sell their product for them. For large dog food companies to offer so many samples and coupons is a strong statement that they’re not willing to sit back on the laurels of their “household” name in order to get business. They want to prove to owners that their product is a worthy one. And the dog food coupons Purina offers are not just for their lower end brands. Their coupons dip into nearly every production line, because they believe owners should have the ability to discover for themselves which dog food is going to be best for their furry friend.

A happy owner is one with a healthy pet, and Purina, Pedigree, and other large companies have but one goal in mind—keeping your pet healthy. Isn’t it nice to know that you and a big company have so much in common?