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Three Ways to Find the Best Chow for Your Dog

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Diet dog food

Just like humans, dogs need proper nutrition in order to live out their lives in the best possible way. Our dogs know when they like or dislike the taste of the food they are given, but, as long as they like the flavor, they are going to eat whatever we offer. For this reason, it is our responsibility to make sure our friends only get the very best. What is the key? Dog food ingredients.

  • Think of Their Design
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    Did you know that in 1993, according to True Carnivores, dogs and wolves were declared the same species of animal? Keeping that in mind, consider what Canis Lupis, wolves, eat in the wild. Wolves eat real meat and real plant matter that they find in the wild. Now, no one is suggesting you let your dog act like a wolf, but it makes sense to let them ea

Three Things to Keep in Mind when Buying All Natural Dog Food

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Our dogs are our best friends. They understand when we are feeling blue, they do not judge when we want to spend our day in our pajamas, and they keep us warm at night. No matter what we do it seems our canine companions still love us. Naturally, we want to keep them around for as long as possible. Feeding them the best all natural dog food and exercising them are the best ways to do that. If you are having a hard time finding great dog food for your best friend, follow these three tips.

  1. Look at the Ingredients
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    According to PawNation, dogs need a lot of protein in their food because they are so active. You know how much your labrador loves to run around the house and out in the lawn. When she does so, just like humans, she stresses her muscles. By providing her with a food s