Three Ways to Find the Best Chow for Your Dog

Diet dog food

Just like humans, dogs need proper nutrition in order to live out their lives in the best possible way. Our dogs know when they like or dislike the taste of the food they are given, but, as long as they like the flavor, they are going to eat whatever we offer. For this reason, it is our responsibility to make sure our friends only get the very best. What is the key? Dog food ingredients.

  • Think of Their Design
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    Did you know that in 1993, according to True Carnivores, dogs and wolves were declared the same species of animal? Keeping that in mind, consider what Canis Lupis, wolves, eat in the wild. Wolves eat real meat and real plant matter that they find in the wild. Now, no one is suggesting you let your dog act like a wolf, but it makes sense to let them eat as they were meant to. After all, dogs have identical digestive systems to their feral ancestors. The best dog food, according to Blue Buffalo, incorporates real cuts of meat and healthy sources of plant matter. Deboned chicken and ground brown rice, respectively, serve this purpose in high quality, all natural dog food.

  • Think About Long Life
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    According to a 2002 study by J Am Vet Medical Associates, dogs kept on controlled diets live significantly longer than those who are not. The reason? A strict diet that monitors the amount and quality of food eaten results in dogs with healthier weights and those with lower rates of disease. Diet dog foods, like those made with all natural dog food ingredients, naturally offer these benefits.

    An added benefit of high quality dog food can be found in the fact that it is generally higher in quality proteins. Since an important part of a long life is the combination of smart nutrition and exercise, protein is key. When your dog exercises and breaks down its muscles, protein helps to rapidly repair them.

  • Mitigate and Cure Disease
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    Did you know that a wide variety of conditions afflicting your dog can be mitigated or cured completely through specialized diets? For instance, as Web MD Pets points out, a 2007 study shows that a dog with joint pain can benefit from the incorporation of glucosamine into its diet. This supplement helps to reduce pain and improve mobility. Further, Vitamins A, C, and E, found often in high quality dog food ingredients, are effective at reducing joint inflammation and improving canine memory.

Our dogs are often considered to be like our children. Granted, our children hopefully know how to use the restroom and are able to stop themselves from drooling all over the place. Even so, we want the very best for our dogs. Giving them feed that incorporates the best dog food ingredients is a surefire way to give them a great life.

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