How to cut costs with dog food coupons

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It is of great importance that your dog eat high quality, nutritional dog food. The only problem is that many times, high quality food is quite expensive. Many people buy lower quality dog food in order to save money, but odds are, if you do not feed your dog food high in nutrition, you will spend extra money on vet bills in the end. A great way to save money and to still feed your dog the highest quality food is to clip dog food coupons.

Clipping dog food coupons comes in two forms these days…there is the traditional form of cutting coupons out of flyers and newspapers, or, you can go online. You can find great savings through the use of both methods. If you like to stick to the same brand of dog food all the time, you should probably go online and search for dog food coupons for the brand that you prefer. Most of the time, there are a multitude of websites with printable coupons for just the brands you want.

If you are not picky about what brand of dog food you choose, clipping coupons the old fashioned way should be okay for you. You can sort through papers and flyers and cut out any dog food coupons you find for high quality dog food and use the best one. Either way that you choose to obtain these coupons will potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year. If you save only two dollars per week, that will add up to over one hundred dollars per year.

Do not neglect your dog’s health because you think that high quality foods are too pricy. Using dog food coupons and buying foods in bulk will really help to save you money. Investing in a airtight containers will help keep any food that you purchase in bulk fresh. Your dog’s health is very important…keep him healthy by feeding him high quality dog foods.

Dog Food Coupons: The Smart Way to Nourish Your Pet

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Caring for your pet dog involves a lot of effort. The owner must not only look after his/her health, but also provide the dog with sufficient exercise and feed him/her properly. It involves an investment of considerable amount of money in dog food bills. Many people hold an unrealistic view that dogs in their pristine state are scavengers by nature and hence can eat almost anything. In the city, it is more convenient and time saving to feed the dog processed dog food, though the owner must, from time to time, ensure that his pet receives meats and fiber. There are various brands of dog food available on the market and each one of them has some pluses and minuses.

Buying a complete dog menu, suited for your pet’s health is becoming more and more difficult owing to the current price rises. This is where dog food coupons come in handy. Most stores, supermarkets or specialty animal product stores offer various schemes by which buying your pooch’s favorite chow becomes a lot cheaper. The schemes range from buying a range of home products giving discount coupons on dog food, or buying dog related products and availing dog food coupons for the same. At times, dog food manufacturers issue dog food coupons as promotion which can be used along with the coupons advertised by the supermarkets. A typical example could be that of a dog food company giving $1 discount coupon as promotion. The supermarket may advertise another $1 discount on every $15 worth of dog food. Adding both the discounts, the customer can thus save $2 for the purchase. Thus over a year this results in substantial savings.

Another method of saving loads of money is to buy dog food coupons advertised for items close to expiry date. Such sales are beneficial for the supermarkets as well as the customers. The customer must however, choose with care as the marginal dates may make some items unfit for human and doggie consumption. Other schemes involve buying a set type of groceries in bulk which are discounted with coupons of all sorts including dog food coupons. Yet another variation is buying dog food coupons in bulk over the web. Such online sales typically target volumes in terms of quantity or the number of coupons that can be discounted. All such schemes have the inherent advantage of making the cost of food items and dog food items less costly. Using dog food coupons is undeniably a step in the right direction to reducing your pet food bill costs.

Dog Food Coupons and Savings

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Your dog is there for you the way that nobody else can be. He is always happy to see you. He would lay down his life for yours. He is your best friend. And of course you want to take care of him the way he takes care of you, and buy him the highest quality dog food you can find. But unless you have 1000 dog food coupons for free bags of food on hand, feeding your pup the best can really take a bite out of your wallet.

And the bigger your dog is, the more you will spend. If you do not use dog food coupons, you can spend upwards of $400 a year if you buy one 30 pound bag of food per month. Do you like to feed your dog the tasty canned stuff, too? That is another $400 to $1000 a year for one to three cases of 13 oz. cans a month. Yes, your pup is your best buddy, but… that is a lot of hundreds to spend feeding him.

Fortunately, there are ways to save money and still buy the premium dog food that your dog deserves. And the best one is using dog food coupons. Dog food coupons are available widely in supermarket mailers and online, and are an option that most dog owners should really think about. Because even if you think that a couple of dollars here and there does not make much difference in your pet food expense, those few dollars add up to plenty. Particularly when you use dog food coupons online.

Using Dog Food Coupons on the Net

Buying dog food is no fun… it is heavy, hard to transport, and costs and arm and a leg. Which is why purchasing it on the internet is so popular. You just visit a website, click the food your dog likes best, and have it delivered to your door. It seems like a great way to make buying dog food more convenient. And when you use online dog food coupons, it is terrific way to save extra money, too.

There are two types of online dog food coupons: those that you can print out and use at the store, and those that are to be used for internet shopping. Both varieties of dog food coupons can save you anything from a few dollars per bag, to free shipping on large orders, to 10, 25, and up to 40% off. Dog food coupons are offered by the largest, most trusted retailers, such as Petco and Pet Food Direct.

But… how much money can you really save with dog food coupons? Is it really worth the effort to print them out or to order online? Yep! You can save hundreds of dollars a year on your dog’s food with dog food coupons. And the bigger the dog, the bigger the savings you will see when you use dog food coupons.

My first dog food

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I rememeber our first family dog. I was extremely young and it wasn’t really our dog, but a neighbors that we were watching for a week while they were away. Since we never had a dog, this was extremely special for us as young kids. Young kids find dogs fascinating for some reason. They are just so different. Sort of like being at the zoo, in your own house.

Anyway, my job was to get the dog food out and get it ready for the dogs dinner every day. The dog ate wet dog food, and I can still remember the smell of that when you first open the can of dog food. It’s a really strong dog food smell, and one that stays in your memory for years to come. Any time I smell canned dog food being opened now, I am brought back to that summer when I was 8 years old taking care of that dog. Anyway – When we would feed him, it always scared me a bit because of how aggressive he was with the dog food. I learned later how normal that is for dogs.

We were keeping him in the country, so there was no real need for a lease. But I still wanted one anyway. There was something having the dog on a leash. Maybe it was a power thing. But I really wanted to do it. All we had was a long yellow rope and I tried to used that as a leash, but not very successfully.

It was a great week with that dog. Even though the dog food sticks out in my mind, there are many other memories as well. I remember him running down the dirt road chaising our car as we went into town. I was always worried that he would wonder off and wanted to tie him to a tree. But my dad said “he’s smart” and “he know’s where home is, no need to worry.”  He was right. The dog knew where the dog food was served and even where we kept it even though he only lived there for a week.