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  • Wholesome Dog Food

    There is a wide choice of dog food today to keep the household pet healthy. Before the manufacture of specialty food for dogs began dog food generally consisted of scraps and leftovers from human meals. The advances made by the science of veterinary nutrition ushered in the manufacture of specialized dog food. Feeding the dog […]

  • Our dog in the woods in winter time

    We took our dog to the Adirondack Park this holiday season. Our dog simply loves to run around in the woods and be free out with nature. Her favorite thing of all assist them in the lake and run up and down the hill in the woods splashing in the water at the bottom. But […]

  • Taking my dog to the beach

    We took our dog over a long walk yesterday. It was the day after Thanksgiving everybody needed exercise including the pooch. Pets need exercise to go to mostly focus on the humans at Thanksgiving time. That is because dogs don’t generally get a large Thanksgiving feast like humans do. At least not in the houses […]

  • Healthy pets with dog food coupons

    If you want to make your pet healthy, you have to pay significant attention towards its food. Most of the dog owners are always worried about choosing the best dog food. They are confused whether to choose canned food or homemade food for their pets. It is also believed that commercial food is harmful for […]

  • A dog story.

    We have a new dog in the family this year. This is quite exciting for us because we haven’t had a dog in the house for a long time. We used to be big dog people. My wife and I actually met through her dog walking out in the town in Washington DC. We’re both […]

  • info on dog grooming

    There is a ton of info on dog grooming online. You just need to know where to find it when you search. If you run more generic dog related searches, you will not find as good information as you do when you search on specific dog related items. The search on dog food coupons, for […]

  • Wellness dry dog food

    This is the page for wellness dry dog food. We don’t yet have any coupons, but are looking. We have found other healthy and wellness foods for dogs, but not any savings yet. If you have any wellness dry dog food tips for us, please let us know and we’ll post them to the community. […]

  • Natural choice dog food

    This is a resource for natural choice dog food. We are planning to expand into this space and needed to put up a page for it. We are hoping to bring you coupons and other ways to save on natural choice dog food here. Sorry that we don’t have that yet available, but we ask […]

  • Dog labor symptoms

    Generally speaking, here are the dog labor symptoms that you can watch for if you think your dog may be going into labor: Rejecting food Finding a den Sticking really close – seeming nervous Sickness Throwing up / Vomiting Temperature drop Again, this is generally speaking. Of course, taking your dogs temperature requires a rectal […]

  • Dog food coupons and my trip to Petco

    A few weekends ago I took my Daughter to Petco as an outing. Yes, the usual morning activity of searching the Internet for dog food coupons had to be put on hold because wanted to have some fun. Petco is fun? When you are 4, pretty much anywhere there are lots of animals is fun. […]