Taking my dog to the beach

We took our dog over a long walk yesterday. It was the day after Thanksgiving everybody needed exercise including the pooch. Pets need exercise to go to mostly focus on the humans at Thanksgiving time. That is because dogs don’t generally get a large Thanksgiving feast like humans do. At least not in the houses I’ve been to.

So we took our dog up to the lake for a long walk along the beach. Even though it was in the 40s we bundled up and it was plenty comfortable. And our dog was very comfortable because she’s got her heavy fur coat on. For the first 20 minutes she did not go in the water at all. The lake water at the beach is particularly cold as winter is approaching. And after a while we started to throw sticks into the water and the doctors could not resist. Regardless of the cold temperature she barreled into the water to fetch the stick.

There were other dogs at the beach as well with other post-Thanksgiving walkers. The dog socialized a bit and ran around in the sand having fun getting to know each other since. At one point my dog lost sight of being a little confused. So she couldn’t find me she saw some people way down the beach and started to run at full speed to catch up with them. These people had a few dogs with them selves but were at least a half-mile away. She ran only to those folks looking for me. When she got there she realized it was two different people and their dogs, so she greeted them sniff them a little bit and turned around and ran all the way back to me. That night she was one tired puppy and slept very long and well in front of our fireplace.

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