Wholesome Dog Food

There is a wide choice of dog food today to keep the household pet healthy. Before the manufacture of specialty food for dogs began dog food generally consisted of scraps and leftovers from human meals. The advances made by the science of veterinary nutrition ushered in the manufacture of specialized dog food. Feeding the dog food made especially for the health of the dog has ensured that modern household pets live at least three years longer than their predecessors who ate table scraps and meal leftovers. Today you can specific dog food for the breed age and size of the dog. As the development of dog nutrition advances you can even get food that is suitable based on the DNA profile of the dog. The dog also requires a balanced diet and dog food should contain amino acids vitamins minerals fats and carbohydrates. Household pets who fed on household scraps will often become overweight and sluggish. You can feed an overweight dog with diet dog food to help the dog lose weight and live longer. Dogs have different dietary needs and can be allergic to certain food like humans. You can even get special dog food prescribed by the veterinarian to improve the health of your dog. You may also like feeding your dog natural or holistic food because commercially manufactured may have additives and preservatives that could cause more harm that good for the dog. The important consideration when you look for dog food is that it should be human grade. This means that the food should be made of ingredients that can be eaten by humans. This is healthier than feeding dogs commercially manufactured products that contain substandard and potentially harmful ingredients. By carefully choosing good quality dog food products you will help your household pet live a healthy and long life.


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