Our dog in the woods in winter time

We took our dog to the Adirondack Park this holiday season. Our dog simply loves to run around in the woods and be free out with nature. Her favorite thing of all assist them in the lake and run up and down the hill in the woods splashing in the water at the bottom. But in the winter there is snow all over and so the lake is frozen so the dog can swim.

Luckily we brought dog food with us enough to last a week while we’re in our cabin. We didn’t take any trips to town because we had planned to have a secluded private vacation in the woods in our cabin with the snow. When you do this you have to plan all your groceries ahead of time and make sure you’ve got all you need. You have to make a list and know exactly the elements you’ll need to bring for every recipe you want to cook. Each meal has to be planned and that includes the dog food for the pooch.

If the dog food had run out would’ve had to go into town to the general supply store. They don’t have much at the store but they do have dog food and other staples. Especially in the winter they don’t get many customers because most of the summertime vacationers don’t come up in the snow. Most of the traffic is from the snowmobilers who come through town but they don’t usually take much with them. If you’ve ever tried to carry groceries on your snowmobile you’ll understand why.

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