A dog story.

We have a new dog in the family this year. This is quite exciting for us because we haven’t had a dog in the house for a long time. We used to be big dog people. My wife and I actually met through her dog walking out in the town in Washington DC. We’re both big believers in having pets in taking our canines everywhere. But time passed as the dogs grew older he eventually died. It’s a sad thing to lose a pet that you’re close with. We took our dogs everywhere. Reese to go on very long hikes in these to go up with us into the mountains for camping overnight. Our daughters both have backpacks that they would wear in the return own food and water. They’re both great sports. They love the outdoors and be able to run in the mountains. For some reason both of our dog died when there are relatively young. The first of some surrender on logical disease and died rather suddenly at the age of seven years old. The second we all he saw was somewhat dependent on the first dog. So perhaps his untimely death was a result of being lonely and missing his longtime companion of many years. It’s funny how guys can sometimes act like humans in this regard. book

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