The dog park

In our city there are very active dog parks. we assume this is the same in all cities. After all dog owners like to congregate and let their dogs socialize while they themselves make friends and talk about the days events. There are almost like shifts at the park when you see the same dog owners and their pets each day at the same time. Friendships emerged these people as they’re standing around watching their dogs socialize. And the canines are having a great time running in the pack. There is of course a pecking order that develops. My dog had a reputation for getting out of control. He just got very very excited at the park. as a large dog this could sometimes be a problem. When he got moving fast it was hard to stop quickly and he wasn’t particularly graceful.. I shut my eyes and hoped he would turn the other way. But of course he didn’t. he plowed right into her knocking around behind with great force. Luckily, she was a good sport about it and didn’t make a big fuss. I realize this could’ve been a very dangerous situation for someone who is less understanding about how dogs get at the park. book

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