Should I get a dog?

Why should you get a dog? Well, first of all, if you live alone getting a dog is a great idea. Living alone can be a lonely experience. It can be great but it can also be a downer at certain times when your moods are good. The thing about having a dog around is that they’re always happy to see you. They can brighten your mood pretty much no matter what is happening in your life. This is particularly important when you live alone and things are not going very well. People talk about the great responsibilities of having a dog. And indeed there are great responsibilities. You need to make sure they get proper health care and are fed and walked to get some socialization. But they will also give back to you in a great reward. They will help you feel better when you’re down there’ll always be there with a wagging tail when you come home and the listen to you endlessly no matter what you have to say. The dog relationship is a little bit of an odd one. You are the master and they are completely dependent on you. You’re the leader of their pack and they let you know that at every turn. My dog follows me around the house and wants to be pretty much wherever I am. She lets me know that I’m the first in the pecking order of our little dog pack. It’s very satisfying but it is also a great responsibility. If you are on the fence about getting a dog I think you should consider what kind of personality you have. If you enjoy having constant company and are looking for some companionship but are also ready to take on the responsibilities of daily dog care that I think you should go for it. book

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