Are you a new dog owner

Are you a new dog owner? Perhaps entirely new to having a pet or just another dog in the family? These are very different experiences. Let’s dive into each. If you are a new pet owner, this is your first time with a dog or cat (or bird for that matter) and you are learning about being the master for the first time. You are seeing the responsibility you have to your pet and how much that cat or dog loves you. Probably less so with a fish or bird. But still. This is a big shift in your view of yourself. It is a big change in responsibility too. You now have another living being attached to you in a serious way. In a loving, but dependent relationship. If you are just getting a new dog or cat, you have already been through all of this before. Now your challenge is getting to know your new pet in a new way. Each pet owner has their own process for getting to know their animal. And dogs are different from cats too. Each has their specific needs and wants too. But again, you have been a pet owner before so you know about the animal. It is just a matter of getting to know this animal.

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