Best Dog Food for Older Dogs

Feeding an older dog is always a cause for concern of pet owners. As the dog gets older its nutrition requirements change and pet owners look for the best dog food products available in the market for the health and well being of their old friend and beloved member of the family.

Older dogs are less active and are unable to digest food easily. Many older dogs are susceptible to allergies and may have liver or kidney diseases. The best advice about the best dog food for older dogs should be sought from the family veterinarian. The vet will carefully examine the dog and assess its nutritional requirements after diagnosing any illness or disorder. Often the best dog food for the senior dog as prescribed by the vet will be available at the veterinary clinic and pet owners will not have to make choices among the bewildering array of dog food products on the shelves of pet food stores or supermarkets.

Pet owners can also look up the best dog food for older dog ratings on the internet. These ratings are by experts in dog nutrition and giving detailed reasoning as to why they rate the dog food product as the best dog food product for senior dogs. Protein rich and meat laden dog food rate the highest as the best dog food for older dogs. These products will not contain fillers meat by products or chemical preservatives and will have a shorter shelf life than products with higher chemical content. Dogs generally cannot digest grain easily and older dogs that are less active with a slower digestive system will get greater nourishment if they are fed with grain free products. The best dog food for older dogs will be of human grade with more natural ingredients and minimum processing.

Pet owners who take the trouble to carefully choose the best dog food for their older dog will ensure that the senior canine member of their family will enjoy a healthy and happy existence in its final years.


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