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  • Female dog names

    Looking for female dog names for your new pet? Here is the strategy to use. Browse around a few female dog names web sites and look at what they have. Each will be a little different. Make a top 5 list of your most favorite female dog names and keep that list aside. Sleep on […]

  • Pet Nourishment Made Cheap With Dog Food Coupons

    Keeping a pet dog requires considerable commitment. The owner must not only look after his/her health, but also provide the dog with sufficient exercise and feed him/her properly. It involves an investment of considerable amount of money in dog food bills. Many people hold an unrealistic view that dogs in their pristine state are scavengers […]

  • My first dog food

    I rememeber our first family dog. I was extremely young and it wasn’t really our dog, but a neighbors that we were watching for a week while they were away. Since we never had a dog, this was extremely special for us as young kids. Young kids find dogs fascinating for some reason. They are […]