Feed Your Dog the Best Dog Food

I have had a few personal experiences with people and their dogs. Dogs are no strangers to my life, because every since I was born I have been around them. My parents had a six year old golden retriever at the time of my birth. If I ever decide to look through baby albums there will most definitely be pictures of my cuddled up next to our family dog. After the passing of the golden, my parents decided to get another retriever as the family pet. They settled on a black Labrador retriever, which was my favorite pet of all time. I remember we had to pick something to scientifically test sometime during elementary school, and it was no surprise that I picked something that related to dogs. My experiment was to try to find out what the best dog food available was. There was a small catch though, because for my experiment, the best dog food had to be approved by my black lab. I was only a little kid, so finding the best dog food was not a huge, elaborate scientific experiment. I was only really looking for what my lab considered the best dog food. As I look back on this experiment now, I realize that my dog did not pick out the cheapest dog food. He picked a fairly expensive, veterinarian recommended food. When it comes to food for your beloved pet, make sure you really do get the best dog food. The best dog food is one of those things that you really should cough up the extra cash on. Later in my life came my next personal experience with the best dog food. I was watching my friend’s dog one summer during college and I was feeding him the food that was left for him by my friend. Another friend who worked at a pet supply store saw the food and remarked that it was very low in quality. It was the farthest thing away from the best dog food that you could get.


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