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Dog food is rated on its ingredients and quality which is essential for maintaining the health and nutrition of dogs. There are two main types of dog foods in the market: dry dog food, and canned dog food. These days one can also find supplements to be added to homemade dog foods. Numerous dog food brands cater to the large dog food buyer market. Every now and then, new names come up claiming their exclusive recipes and added nutrition values. It is really difficult to rate dog food, but there are certain factors that gauge the quality of dog food. Most importantly, dog foods should be free of additives, preservatives, by products, Menadione(vitamin K3) all these are detrimental to dog’s health. People have their own preferences when buying dog food. Mostly, high protein and grain free dog food is bought. Some people keep their dogs on vegetarian food; while others like to buy organic dog food. Dog food that is meant for all ages is also a determining factor of dog food ratings. Below is the list of some of the top rated dog foods in the market. 5 star rated dog food Acana grain free, high protein Blue Organics organic food Natural Balance, Dick Van Pattern organic; high protein and grain free; and vegetarian Merrick Organic chicken 4 star rated dog food Avoderm, Breeders choice vegetarian Chicken Soup for the Dog lover’s soul Health Wise 3 star rated dog food Halo Spot’s Stew, Ellen DeGeneres Newman’s Own Organnics Horizon Complete 2 star rated dog food Kirkland Haven Naturals 1 star rated dog food Eukanuba Cesar These dog foods are selected from a cross section of all the dog foods available in the market. But it is advisable not to be allured by brand names or mere ratings your pet’s health and what sui book

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