Three Ways to Find the Best Chow for Your Dog

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Diet dog food

Just like humans, dogs need proper nutrition in order to live out their lives in the best possible way. Our dogs know when they like or dislike the taste of the food they are given, but, as long as they like the flavor, they are going to eat whatever we offer. For this reason, it is our responsibility to make sure our friends only get the very best. What is the key? Dog food ingredients.

  • Think of Their Design
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    Did you know that in 1993, according to True Carnivores, dogs and wolves were declared the same species of animal? Keeping that in mind, consider what Canis Lupis, wolves, eat in the wild. Wolves eat real meat and real plant matter that they find in the wild. Now, no one is suggesting you let your dog act like a wolf, but it makes sense to let them ea

Three Things to Keep in Mind when Buying All Natural Dog Food

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Our dogs are our best friends. They understand when we are feeling blue, they do not judge when we want to spend our day in our pajamas, and they keep us warm at night. No matter what we do it seems our canine companions still love us. Naturally, we want to keep them around for as long as possible. Feeding them the best all natural dog food and exercising them are the best ways to do that. If you are having a hard time finding great dog food for your best friend, follow these three tips.

  1. Look at the Ingredients
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    According to PawNation, dogs need a lot of protein in their food because they are so active. You know how much your labrador loves to run around the house and out in the lawn. When she does so, just like humans, she stresses her muscles. By providing her with a food s

Why Waste Money on Dog Food, When You Could Be Saving Money on Dog Food?

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Best dog food

How many dogs do you have? How big are your dogs? And how much do you feed your dogs? All of this can affect how much you pay for dog food in a month. But you cannot change any of this, so it seems like you are stuck paying what you pay for dog food, right? Not at all! How often do you use free dog food coupons to save some money feeding all of those hungry canine mouths? Maybe that is why you are spending so much!

  • Do I Need Dog Food Coupons?
  • No, you do not officially need any dog food coupons in order to buy dog food. But why would you ever pay for a bag of dog food without using a coupon? In the economy today, we all need to save as much money as possible, at all times. If y

Dog Food Can Break the Bank But It Does Not Have To

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Rachel ray dog food coupons

When is the last time you found a Science Diet dog food coupon? Or any dog food coupon, for that matter? You just may not know where to look. There is always at least one brand of dog food coupon floating around out there, if not three or more. You just need to know where to look, and be resourceful when it comes to your dog food coupons. They are out there, just waiting for you to save.

  • How?
  • For something like a Science Diet dog food coupon, or any of the standard, common brand names, the first step should always be in the Sunday newspaper. When you are clipping coupons for Pop Tarts and Tater Tots, do not forget to clip any and all dog food coupons that you find as well.

    If you happen to run out before the next coupons are printed, you can always go online. Each

What Coupons Can Tell You About a Company

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Dog food ingredients

You care about your dog’s health and nutrition probably more than anyone, including your dog (face it, they’d eat horribly unhealthy yet delicious things if you weren’t there). But it may surprise you to know that large dog food companies, like Purina and Pedigree, actually care about the health of your dog too, and not just about making a profit.

A quick glance at the variety of dog food coupons Purina and Pedigree offer on their websites is pretty strong evidence that they want your business, but the surprising number of free dog food samples large companies are willing to send is evidence of their confidence that their product is one that not only your dog will like, but that you will approve of as well.

Free sampl

Find Coupons to Afford the Food Your Dog Needs

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Dog food coupon

In the United States alone, according to The Humane Society, people own more than 78 million dogs. Because of their uncompromising loyalty and companionship, many dogs become a beloved member of their family. However, many owners, before actually bringing a dog into their home, do not quite understand all of the expenses that come with pet ownership. The average dog owner could expect to spend anywhere between $700 and $3,000 on their animal in a given year, depending on the dog and their special needs. A major contributor to that cost is food, which owners could expect to spend between $250 and $700 on. Because of that, many dog owners will want to find deals, including Innova dog food coupons, that help them cut costs.

Just like people, every dog is unique, and no two will have the same exact dietary requi

Finding the Right Portion Size for Your Dog

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Natural choice dog food coupons

Given the choice between a healthy portion of dog food and an unattended hamburger, a dog will always go for… well, probably both. Dogs love to eat, and if it’s within reach and smells good, chances are it will disappear quickly. And until a dog is so full that it can’t walk straight, it will probably keep eating.

All dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves are animals that hunt in packs. However, the pack doesn’t make a kill every single day. In fact, some packs will spend several days simply tracking prey, and even a few more days harassing the prey into a frenzied state, before they sense the perfect opportunity to move in. When a pack of wolves does finally bring down its pre

Foods You Should NEVER Feed Your Dog

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Science diet dog food coupon

Dogs eat pretty well, when you think about it. Their food is all scientifically balanced and nutritionally fortified and optimized for canine health. The truth is, dogs don’t need table scraps. They just want them. It’s up to you, their owner, to make sure they eat what’s best for them. But when it comes to people food, denying your dog’s indulgence can do more than just keep them healthy—it can also keep them alive. Here are some foods you should never, ever feed your dogs.

  • Fat and Bones. What? You should never give a dog a bone? It’s true. Unlike rawhide strips or sticks, bones can form dangerous splinters when bitten and cracked, and those splinters can cause internal bleeding or choking. And the fat from that ribeye you just devoured is dangerous as well. Left

Give Your Dog the Best Food Possible, at the Lowest Price Possible

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Dog food ingredients

If you love your dog, and what dog owner is not absolutely fanatic about their pet, then you probably spend more on their dog food each month than you do on an entire week worth of groceries. You can admit it, it is okay. I do it, too. But did you know that you do not have to always pay full price for premium dog food? Here is how you can save a little money on three brands.

  • 4Health dog food coupons.
  • 4Health dog food is a popular choice because it comes in protein-rich varieties, and grain-free varieties, without using any artificial flavors, colors, or other controversial ingredients. If 4Health is the pet food of choice for your dog, then you can find 4Health dog food coupons as valuable as $5 off an 18 lb bag, from websites that specialize in providing online dog food coupons.

  • Ori
  • Shop Smart With Free Dog Food Coupons Online

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    Dog food comparison

    Just like with regular groceries, the price of dog food shows no signs of decreasing in the near future. That is why it makes even more sense to use free dog food coupons the next time you get to the register at the store.

    There is no reason to pay more for the brands your pet already enjoys. For example, Pedigree and Purina dog food coupons are readily available online. If you only buy natural dog food, there are options in that category as well. This is particularly helpful if your dog has specific dietary needs. Is weight control a concern? Does your dog have specific allergies? Should grains be avoided? In those cases and other like them, Natural choic